Abu Dhabi January Recap

I am just spending my last day in Abu Dhabi and it has been such a great time. I went with my sister for a week and we decided to have a more relaxing trip as opposed to sightseeing sightseeing sightseeing. The main reason for going this week was also to celebrate my birthday because I love celebrating birthdays and so it only seemed fitting to go somewhere I haven't been before.

On our first day we went to the beach to enjoy the sun but don't get deceived by super hot weather every day because part of the time I actually had to wear a light jacket at the beach because it got quite windy. We ended the night with some Lebanese food, which for everyone who knows me is quite adventurous for me. If it were up to me I'd go to this Italian restaurant I found this summer in Positano for the rest of my life and I'd be happy. Because pasta pizza pasta pizza, DREAM is it not?

Interior Inspo for small spaces in Manhattan

Today I am sharing some inspiration on how to decorate small spaces to give it a little bit more color and life. As most of you know I have a cute little Bernedoodle (okay he’s not so little anymore but he’s still my puppy) and we always walk around in Soho and walk by great art and jewellery. For over one year I have passed the same artist every weekend and I have always wanted to get some art for my apartment but there were never great opportunities as I was only living in New York part time before but now that I am living here full time I decided to get some and wanted to share as I think his art is really special and fun.

My first two months living in New York

It's almost unbelievable but it's been exactly two months since I moved to New York, time is just flying when living here. Next week my semester is halfway done and I will be writing mid-terms. It's kinda scary to think that that's 1/8 of my time here and what have I done so far? I always try to take away as much as possible and since this is basically 2 years of studying abroad I guess I cannot compare it to my semester in Singapore where I travelled non-stop; but I still have an urge to see and do more. Especially after I went to a Ted talk at my university, NYU, last week, where one student shared that over the course of three years he travelled to 30 countries. It is a mystery to me how he did that but it motivates me to try and see and take away more from my experience here even if it's just a train ride to Boston. I think it's important for everyone to experience as much as possible, so if you get a chance go places, meet people, create memories!

UBM Fame Show Experience

It has been getting a little quiet on this blog but now that I have settled into my new apartment and started grad school this is about to change. I have so many great things to share with you guys on what happened recently and what will in the near future. Today I will share a little bit more about my experience at FAME, a trade show about clothing, shoes and accessories. Every girls dream, right?
To be more specific though, wholesalers would showcase their clothes to retailers who then bought clothing for the new season. As I went to trade shows before, I knew what the basic layout would be like but have never attended a fashion trade show - let me just say, it is way more fun than a real estate trade show.

Long Distance - Does it work?

Dress - Pineapple Lace (GET HERE)

Boots - Sam Edelman (GET HERE)

Watch - Kapten and Son (GET HERE)


Dress - Minkpink (GET HERE)

Sunnies - LeSpecs (GET HERE)

Shoes - Steve Madden (SIMILAR HERE)

Bag - Michael Kors (SIMILAR HERE)

Do you know the feeling when you have a long list of things you want to get done on a Sunday but all you end up doing is lay in bed watching movies? Yup me, too. Since two weeks my suitcases are laying around, untouched because it is way too cold to wear any of it either way but as I am flying to New York on Friday I will need to tackle that task soon. Some of you guys have asked me what I am doing in New York the whole time and even my friends are getting confused with where I live at the moment. This summer after I finished my bachelor's I decided to take a short break and move to New York to work on my blog and meet new people - which I did, great people. Now I am back in Frankfurt for three months until the end of December working and seeing all my friends I don't get to see that often. At the end of December I'm going back to NYC for an internship, which I am super excited about.

New York Street Art

Top - Waverly Grey (GET HERE)

Shorts - ZARA (GET HERE)

Shoes - Public Desire (GET HERE)

Sunnies - Dior (GET HERE)

Black Pinstripes Culottes in Dumbo

Shirt - Asos (SIMILAR HERE)

Culottes - Her Velvet Vase (SIMILAR HERE)

Shoes - Birkenstock (GET HERE)

Body Chain - Forever 21 (SIMILAR HERE)

Sunnies - Ray Ban (GET HERE)

Floral Overdose

Sunnies - Dior (GET HERE)

Dress - SheIn (GET HERE)

Choker - Necessary Clothing (SIMILAR HERE)

Shoes - Forever 21 (SIMILAR HERE)