Interior Inspo for small spaces in Manhattan

Today I am sharing some inspiration on how to decorate small spaces to give it a little bit more color and life. As most of you know I have a cute little Bernedoodle (okay he’s not so little anymore but he’s still my puppy) and we always walk around in Soho and walk by great art and jewellery. For over one year I have passed the same artist every weekend and I have always wanted to get some art for my apartment but there were never great opportunities as I was only living in New York part time before but now that I am living here full time I decided to get some and wanted to share as I think his art is really special and fun.

I love the beach and summer and, thus wanted to get something that reminded me of summer and a good time. David Parise, the artist behind the Vintage Barbie and Ken prints in my photos started his collection 2009 when he travelled to Miami. Although I am not the biggest barbie fan anymore something about his prints fascinated me and I couldn't look away. I would keep asking him questions about his prints and found out more and more, which made me even more excited about his art, some of his prints for example take him 5 minutes of preparation, some more than two hours. I got one more print that isn't pictured here but you have probably seen on my Instagram, the girls headstands on the beach (linked below) that I will share with you again when I am back from Miami.

As you can tell I really like to accentuate, which is also why I got some cute stuff from Paper Source for my apartment. Starting in my bathroom with a pink Pom Pom Basket where I store my hair tools. I find this super convenient because anything I need is in my little basket – think hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, hair brushes, hairspray – it literally fits anything and gives the bathroom a pop of color.

For my desk area I decided to stick to golden tones, golden candles and my golden picture frame give the area a more harmonious feeling. I’m also trying to be more organized and got myself an Erin Condren Life Planner that I could customize with my name and ordered a bunch of stickers to keep myself motivated. I'll share more of that on the planning on my Instagram soon.



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  1. Ich kann gut verstehen, dass der erste Eindruck von den Barbie-Fotos eigenartig ist, aber wie du sagst sind die Bilder auch irgendwie cool und erinnern an die Kindheit, aber mit modernem Einfluss. Der Life Planner ist auch total schön und gerade, dass man ihn personalisieren kann gefällt mir richtig gut! Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf :-) xx Alissa von