My first two months living in New York

It's almost unbelievable but it's been exactly two months since I moved to New York, time is just flying when living here. Next week my semester is halfway done and I will be writing mid-terms. It's kinda scary to think that that's 1/8 of my time here and what have I done so far? I always try to take away as much as possible and since this is basically 2 years of studying abroad I guess I cannot compare it to my semester in Singapore where I travelled non-stop; but I still have an urge to see and do more. Especially after I went to a Ted talk at my university, NYU, last week, where one student shared that over the course of three years he travelled to 30 countries. It is a mystery to me how he did that but it motivates me to try and see and take away more from my experience here even if it's just a train ride to Boston. I think it's important for everyone to experience as much as possible, so if you get a chance go places, meet people, create memories!