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A few weeks ago I decided to do something I have been wanting to try for a while now – eyebrow embroidery. If you are like me and love your eyebrows to be expressive, this is the perfect way to do it. I used to either use powder or a kind of gel to fill in my eyebrows (I can really recommend the one from Make-up forever) but it took about 10 minutes in the morning. When I saw that Brow Art Asia was offering it at a special price I thought why not try it – and I am so happy I did because I love the result. Continue reading and I will explain the process and show you some before and after photos.

1. Disinfect your eyebrows before starting the procedure

Before the whole process starts, Joseph disinfected my eyebrows to make sure no remaining color was on the eyebrow and it was sanitary. You will of course make it easier if you just go without any make-up.

2. Planning your eyebrow

During this step you need to be the most active. Your brow therapist will design your eyebrow depending on what eyebrow style you would prefer and the expert will give you advice on what would suit you best. This step took a little bit longer for me because I wanted my brows to have a high arch and to be much fuller. As I don’t have a natural high arch we needed to be very careful with increasing it, not to make it look unnatural. It is important to note though that if you have very ‘flat’ eyebrows you can’t get eyebrows a la Kylie Jenner but need to shave your eyebrows first. This is an option but I preferred to keep it more natural.

3. Application of numbing cream

Before the procedure could start numbing cream is applied onto both eyebrows, and a piece of cling wrap is placed on top. This is done to minimize any discomfort, which might be felt during the actual embroidery. This will take about 30 minutes until the effect will take place.

4. Procedure

We started the procedure when Joseph thought the numbing cream was a sufficient amount of time on my brows. I was told this could be a little bit painful but nothing too painful and that everyone felt differently about the pain aspect. To be honest I felt this as a 5/10 on a pain scale. Some people describe it as plucking their eyebrows but for me it was a rather different experience. Maybe the numbing cream could have stayed on longer. I'd advise you to tell your brow expert if it hurts so some more numbing cream can be applied.

5. Prohibited after Embroidery Treatment

To get the best result from your eyebrow embroidery you should apply healing cream every day after the embroidery process. Further, you should not eat hot soup, spicy food, or seafood, go sun tanning, sauna, and etc within a week after the embroidery. After a few days your brow will start to peel. Let this be a natural process and don’t try to force it off.

Would I recommend doing an embroidery, and at Brow Art Asia?

It is now almost 2 months ago that I had my eyebrow embroidery done and I am still very happy with them. I am curious to see how long the color will last until I have to get a touch up. The team at Brow Art Asia was very helpful along every step of the embroidery especially during the planning and drawing of the eyebrow. I am very happy with the team and can only recommend them to you. You can check them out here.

If you have any questions left, post them in the comments and I will edit the post.




  1. Hi, thank you for the informative blog! Is it necessary to have a touchup after? Or can we do away with touching up? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Valinka, the touch up is necessary if you'd like to maintain the look. If not then the color will just fade away! x

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  3. Hi Babe, it looks super natural on you. For that particular week after the embroidery process, you applied healing cream on your brows, will it look weird as it gives you a dewy brow look? And how did you manage to wash your face/shower to avoid the brows area? Thank you in advance! :)

  4. At which outlet is Joseph located at? How much is per session?

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