Lolita's Lash and Beauty Studio Refill Review

Hello lovelies, It's time for a new lash refill and a new style this time. I opted for a different style to find the lashes that suit my eyes the best - this time I went for Single lashes that made the look more dramatic where the outer lashes were longer than the inner lashes. Its easy to see the difference when looking at the before and after picture. My natural lashes have the same length, whereas in the extensions they are increasing from the inside to the outside. I also really liked this look, just like the volume look I had the last time but the only downturn to these lashes were that they didn't last that long. This might have been due to the amount of swimming in the sea or that they were applied differently than the volume lashes. Nevertheless, I must say once you get the lash extensions you get hooked to them because mascara is every girls must wear make up to leave the house. If you have any questions about the procedure or which look might suit you the best, shoot me a message or leave a comment.



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